Chez Trappeur is located in historic Arrow Rock, Missouri

Farm to Table

Do you know where your food comes from?
We do!

At Chez Trappeur we strive to bring you fresh, Missouri-grown meats and produce. Our ingredients are acquired from small, sustainable organic farms and free-range, humane livestock producers.  Our menu is brought to you from…

Share-life Farms, Marshall

KC Buffalo Company, Belton

Missouri Legacy Beef, Salisbury

David’s Pasture, Concordia

Rupe Family Farms, Otterville

Patchwork Family Farms, Columbia

Ozark Mountain Creamery, Mountain Grove

The Root Cellar, Columbia

Clover’s Natural Foods, Columbia

The Cheese Store, Sweet Springs

The Local Pig, Kansas City

Sedalia Farmers Market

Columbia Farmers Market

Marshall farmstands

The proprietors’ gardens, Marshall & Arrow Rock

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